*ALL New Skincare Clients must start here. This is a comprehensive skin analysis where meet to discuss your skincare concerns and goals. We do a deep dive into your current and past skincare treatments and routines. We highly recommend brining all current OTC and Rx products into this appointment for evaluation. We also discuss your lifestyle choice including work-life balance, exercise, supplements, diet and more to discover what may be helping or harming your skins' progress.

This well-orchestrated skin analysis allows us to set realistic expectations and develop the best treatment plan for your skincare goals.

Consultation can be done virtual or in person. Must come in with a clean face, no makeup.

*Duration: 30 minutes.



The Get Glowing Facial is ideal for 1st time clients serious about embarking on their skincare journey. This facial starts with a meticulous skin analysis where we discuss your current skin concerns, and the combination of results-oriented treatments available to you on your skincare journey. Next up is our two-step deep cleansing method to ensure maximum benefits of the curated treatment. We are your committed partner and will develop a customized treatment plan as a guide to help you achieve and maintain your BEST COMPLEXION

Take confidence in knowing that we offer a diverse range of skincare treatments options including dermaplaning, enzyme peels, microdermabrasion, extractions, microcurrent, lymphatic drainage, chemical peels, corrective treatment masks, Hydro jelly masks, ultrasound infusion therapy, microneedling, oxygen therapy, LED and more to elevate your skincare experience at each visit.

Experience a world of bespoke skincare treatments designed to leave your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated. Quashanda's knowledge and experience paired with cutting edge technology yields optimal results. 

*Duration: 90 minutes.



 Once the skin has been properly maintained and nourished, from your initial treatment and at home skincare routine, corrective skincare can begin. This facial treatment is meticulously curated to include our deep cleansing-pore refining technique to prepare the skin for the ultimate rejuvenation. This bespoke facial experience is customized to your skin type and condition. Your skin will richly benefit from exfoliating dead damaged skin cells and accelerate collagen production by working deeper in the epidermal layer to give you the results that you are seeking to correct problematic skin conditions such as acne, premature aging, hyperpigmentation and sensitive skin. Modalities that may be used during this treatment are:

  • Microdermabrasion.
  • Dermaplaning.
  • Enzyme Exfoliation.
  • Extractions.
  • LED therapy
  • Ultrasound Infusion Therapy.
  • Microcurrent.
  • Radio Frequency Skin-tightening.
  • Oxygen Therapy.
  • Custom Treatment Mask.

*Duration: 60-75 minutes.