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Eyelashes Extensions

Eyelash extensions are one of the best beauty enhancers on the market.  Our skilled and experienced Eyelash Extension Artist, you can bring your dream of having luxurious eyelashes to a reality!!!We specialize in all types of eyelashes.  Individual cluster, strip lashes, mink eyelash extensions, silk and volume lashes.

Strip Lashes $15

Intended for one day wear.  You can choose from a natural look to over the top dramatic!

Semi-Permanent/ Mink Eyelash Extensions

These are the latest craze!  These lashes give you so much versatility and are for the lash lover.


Natural Beauty $200

 Lash Doll $250




Lash fill-ins

2 week fill-in $75

3 week fill-in $85

4 week fill-in $95


How long does it take?

To apply a full set of eyelash extensions can take anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on the look being achieved.

What are the most common types of eyelash extensions?

The most common types of eyelash extensions are synthetic, faux mink and silk.  Here at ASB Skin, we believe in quality so we only use the best faux mink and silk eyelash extensions.  The most common lengths can range from 8mm to 17mm.  The eyelash extensions also come in different widths from .15mm to .20mm  The eyelash extensions are then applied to your natural lash one at a time with a medical grade adhesive that when applied properly will not cause irritation  to your eye or damage to your natural lashes. However, since allergic reactions are possible, there are different types of glue based on one’s sensitivity.

Is it okay to wear mascara?

It is not recommended to wear mascara on top of eyelash extensions.  The added weight can make the extensions come off before time and give a clumpy look.

How should I maintain my eyelash extensions?

To keep your lash extensions beautiful we recommend you not get them wet for the first 48 hours.  Also avoid wearing mascara on your eyelash extensions.  Use oil-free eye makeup remover on your eyelids.  If you wear eyeliner it is best to use a felt tip eyeliner as the pencil has oil in it that can shorten the life of your extensions.  Cleanse your eyelash extensions daily to prevent buildup and possibly infection in which you will need to have your extensions removed and seek medical attention.  Since your natural eyelashes shed on average every 120 days we recommend you get regularly scheduled lash fill ins every two to four weeks.

Who should be doing eyelash extensions?

A licensed and experienced lash technician is highly recommended.  Look for a lash technician that has a reputable practice and practices proper state required sanitation measures.  A licensed and experienced lash technician understands the proper application and is well able to do so.

  • Strip/Individual Eyelashes
  • $15/ Starting From
    • Strip Eye Lashes $15
    • Individual Eye Lashes $35

  • Fill Ins
  • $75/ Starting From
    • 2 week fill-in $75

    3 week fill-in $85

    4 week fill-in $95

  • Semi-Permanent Lashes
  • $200/ Starting From
    • Semi-Permanent $200-$250